Conscious Eating

Eat with awareness, solely focused on just your food and nothing else. No activities should distract you such as TV, talking, reading, etc. Even thinking. Make eating a meditative experience. Eat slowly and savor each bite, while chewing more thoroughly. This accomplishes many things. You will eat less because you’ll be in tune with your body and will stop eating when you start feeling full. In turn, you will lose or maintain the perfect weight, as well as save money because you’ll need less food. You will create a spiritual experience during meal times, which will carry over into other areas of your life. When you eat less, your body is working less to digest and will create more energy. This will also help you heal any health issues faster. You can begin your eating ritual with a simple affirmation or prayer expressing how grateful you are for the food. Example: “I am grateful for this healthy, healing and delicious food that I have the privilege to eat.” Start with one meal per day until most or all of your meals are eaten with awareness. If you practice Conscious Eating in conjunction with the raw food diet, you will create optimum health.

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