Participate In Your Healing Sessions

Always Remember: A strong belief or faith (a definite, positive mental attitude) is needed to receive the full benefits of any spiritual practice or healing.

Regardless of how effective a healer or technique is supposed to be, never rely solely on the practitioner. By always participating you will assist and enhance any type of healing. You can incorporate various practices (prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization) and start using them immediately upon setting the appointment, throughout the session & afterwards. Find out what else you can do through research and speaking with the practitioner such as: diet, supplements, changing or eliminating habits, using other techniques known to help, stopping medications safely & asking other professionals to be involved whenever necessary. You should be receptive to healing with a positive attitude & having a strong belief in the process.

Affirmations should always be stated in the positive, focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. The best way for them to work is to get into a meditative state prior to repeating them. It’s also very helpful if you focus on feeling good such as how you’ll feel when completely healed. Or you can just focus on the love you have for someone or something. Besides a few times per day, be sure to do this prior to sleep when your subconscious is most receptive. Visualizing yourself well is another tool to assist you. It’s good to train yourself to constantly think or speak in the positive whenever possible and cancel anything negative.

Healing Energy flows through me.
Every cell in my body is perfect, energized & renewed.

Visualize being in healing & protective energy, cleansing & washing away all negative energy from your aura around you. Visualize this light pouring into your body through the top of your head, cleansing your body of any negative energy. See the negative energy pouring out of you through the bottoms of your feet, & pouring into the Earth where it is transformed into love. Keep visualizing the white light pouring into you & negative pouring out, until you see only light pouring out from the bottoms of your feet.

Other Ideas:

  • Get others to pray and send positive loving energy to you. You can even have small gatherings where you sit in the middle of a circle. You can even have small gatherings where you sit in the middle of a circle.
  • Involve your medical team.
  • Use healing music or audio affirmations during procedures.
  • Post affirmations throughout your home, car, office.
  • Dream about your life when completely well as if it will positively happen. You can create dream board screensavers.
  • Eliminate or ignore anything negative that doesn’t support your recovery (unless valid).

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