Why You May Not Be Losing Your Memory

As we get older, we often start experiencing memory lapses and many attribute that to a real health issue. But something else may be contributing to this. One thing to consider is that as you get older, you tend to have a lot more on your mind and a lot more stress. This easily can lead to you forgetting things more easily or memories not being as clear. The second possibility is not being present. It’s rare that we are fully present in the moment at all times, unless we’ve chosen to live that way. This is why we may go into a room to do something and completely forget why we are there. Our mind has had numerous other thoughts from the time we came up with the idea to do something and actually fulfilling it. Had we remained fully focused and present on just that one task, we would easily remember what we needed to. Mindfulness practices are very useful in allowing us to have space where we aren’t constantly thinking. There’s so much praise for being intelligent and a quick thinker when the opposite is what allows us to be more at peace and even more productive. Instead of rushing through your day, slowing down may allow you to fully enjoy and experience your day. You may find you’ll even accomplish more. Minimizing multi-tasking can allow you to give more to each task you are doing. You can focus on your breath or just be still in-between activities to re-energize and bring you into the present.

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